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School events

I am now available for virtual/in-person school visits for the 2023/24 school year. The events are particularly suitable for Key Stage 2 (age 7-11) and would be very relevant for children studying WW1 or the Edwardian era as a topic. 

  • A 30-minute Question and Answer virtual visit - £75

I will introduce myself and my books and then take questions, for example on writing historical fiction, aspects of creative writing, what it’s like to be an author, and of course my books! I’m happy for questions to be submitted in advance, or to take them on the day. Suitable for large or small groups. 


  • A virtual or in person talk on my book research and inspiration, including a Q&A - £150-200

Includes a short reading and question-and-answer session. The talk is very interactive and I am happy to focus on one book in particular if it’s being studied as a class text.


  • An in-person talk on my writing inspiration. with a creative writing workshop on crafting a good story opening and a Q&A. £200-£350 (plus travel expenses). 

Suitable for small groups of up to approx 30 children. Children will need paper and a pen and be ready to do some writing and feed back their ideas!

If you have any questions, or are interested in booking a school event, please do get in touch via the contact button.   



“I think that the visit from Ann Marie was very good and exciting. I read the book in one day as I was drawn to it and couldn’t stop reading.  I loved the visit and how she talked about her diary entry. I also like when she talked about how the book is set in a real building even if you can’t go in the hot houses anymore." LM, Year 5. 

"KS2 thoroughly enjoyed this experience, for some it was the first time meeting an author in real life. The Author engaged the children with slides relating to the story of places and the people that had inspired her to write the book. The children loved answering her questions about their own experiences of writing and were eager to participate when they discussed their own story lines involving a secret walled garden. Many of the children purchased a signed copy of the book and it was lovely to see them in school the next day with this as their new reader.One Year 5 told me, she had already read the whole book and loved it!" Librarian, Bungay Primary School. 

"The workshop was absolutely perfect. I have had really great feedback from the other staff and the children so thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was really impressed with the detail of your planning for the event and everything was so smooth. You have such a natural and encouraging way with the children, too. It was a real pleasure to have you hook the children into writing about the gardens."
Great Dunmow Primary School, Essex.  

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